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Muzeum Karola Szymanowskiego Willa Atma Zakopane

The Karol Szymanowski Museum – the Atma Villa, Zakopane

Drewniany budynek jednopiętrowy z poddaszem i stromym dachem stojący wśród zieleni. Budynek to willa Atma w Zakopanem w której mieszkał Karol Szymanowski, obecnie znajduje się tam muzeum jego imienia.

ul. Kasprusie 19, 34-500 Zakopane Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

tel. +48 182020040
Karol Szymanowski found his place on earth in the Atma Villa in Zakopane. It was here that he was inspired to compose such works as his folkloric ballet-pantomime Harnasie and his IV Symphony concert. Today, the building where he lived for five years is the only biographical museum of Karol Szymanowski in the world.

When he was young, Karol Szymanowski travelled to Zakopane. He was fascinated by highlander music, which he saw as the beating heart of the nation. At the end of his life (1930-1935), he lived near the Tatra Mountains in the Atma Villa, built in the Zakopane style. In his letters to his friends, he wrote that Zakopane is the only place in Poland in which he is morally at peace. The building was originally built as a one-story highlander house. In 1926, attic rooms with mansard windows were added to it, giving it the characteristic Zakopane style. In the 1970s, Atma was bought from private owners thanks to social contributions and handed over to the National Museum in Krakow. The Karol Szymanowski Museum was established there, recreating the atmosphere of the interior from the 1930s, complete with the composer's office. The museum is found on the ground floor of the villa. By walking through the villa, we are given a glimpse of the life, times, and work of the composer – his fascination with folklore, his personal belongings and his reconstructed study. Most of the items were donated by Krystyna Dąbrowska, the artist's nie

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