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Willa Cicha Zakopane

“Cicha” Villa

Drewniana zabytkowa willa z wielospadowym dachem, tarasem na piętrze z ozdobną balustradą. W okach haftowane zazdrostki, przed domem dużo zieleni i kolorowych kwiatów.

ul. Kościeliska 42, 34-500 Zakopane Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

“Willa Cicha” (eng. Peaceful) located in 42 Kościeliska Street in Zakopane is a beautifully decorated wooden villa which was built after the cottage that belonged to the Gąsiennice and Sobczak family was demolished in 1808.

Initially, the villa functioned as a “Sobczakówka” guesthouse, where they stayed, among others, Edward Odyniec and Jan Kasprowicz, Adam Chmielowski (Brother Albert) and Maria Skłodowska-Curie. In 1892, during his first stay in Zakopane, Stefan Żeromski lived in the villa. Then, the "Cicha" Villa – it is actually the House of Art of Karol Kłosowski (1881-1970). In the interwar period, the “highlander cottage” was expanded in the style of a Zakopane villa by the painter Karol Kłosowski, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, student of Wyspiański, Mehoffer, Wyczółkowski, later a teacher of Zakopane art schools. From that moment on, home beautification, interior and exterior decorations, visions of an “artistic home” and poetic dwelling were an important part of his life and vocation. He painted, sculpted, cut out, and gathered new paintings and drawings in Cicha.

The Artist's House, the home of an Art Lover, breathing poetry and spiritual warmth, created from the sounds of music, colours on canvas, carved wall ornaments and furniture. The builder of such a house could not simply be an architect, without being an artist, painter or sculptor.