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Restauracja Nota - Resto by Tomasz Leśniak Kraków

Restaurant Nota - Resto by Tomasz Leśniak Kraków

Wnętrze restauracji Nota Resto. Ustawione krzesła i stoliki. Na ścianie lustra. Z sufitu zwisa lampa. W tle szafa z pólka na której ustawione są napoje.

ul. Św. Krzyża 17, 31-023 Kraków

tel. +48 517818851
Wondering what you can you eat in a restaurant whose menu was prepared by the chef of the Polish national football team? Rightly so. Because at NOTA_Resto at 17 Świętego Krzyża Street, they serve urban-style dishes in a casual interior and with taste. Tomasz Leśniak's cuisine has been awarded a Michelin Plate and one set of 2020 cutlery.

The aim is to be tasty, nutritious, varied and authentic. Add to this the highest quality products and imagination. The elegant and cosy establishment in the heart of Kraków draws on both Polish and international culinary traditions to prepare dishes that are bold in their combinations. Tomasz Leśniak has prepared a menu that is anything but boring. It is meant to be exciting, like the best football match. The card includes exquisite dishes and simple, traditional ones subjected to experimentation. On the menu, for example, you will find a green-legged hen's egg served with an ash potato, black pasta with grilled octopus, supreme chicken breast with pumpkin ratatouille and roasted beetroot mousse. You'll get bird's milk if you're dreaming of it too. And to top it all off, with fruit and brittle, which is a sprinkling of nuts.

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