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Obserwatorium astronomiczne ASTROCENTRUM Chełmiec

ASTRO CENTRUM CHEŁMIEC Astronomical Observatory

Pętla Łabędzia - włókniste struktury gazu w kosmosie

Rynek 1, 33-395 Chełmiec

tel. +48 887373373
It is an astronomical observatory that combines tourism and education into one. In addition to teaching aids, such as mock-ups of planets or the most powerful Saturn V rocket, it has an observation deck from which you can observe and admire the panorama of the area. Next to the amphitheatre building there is a 4-ton globe that can you can move ... with the touch of a finger!

The observatory opened in 2019. You can see astronomical equipment and the different types and structures of telescopes here. The centre has a professional telescope worth 160,000 PLN, thanks to which the universe is at your fingertips.

Original lectures and presentations are available as part of your visit.

After the lecture, you can visit the observatory, watch telescope shows and – with favourable weather – observe the sun or stars.

The observatory also plans a series of thematic lectures, night observations, nights for researchers, numerous conferences and events related to anniversaries and important events in the field of astronomy.

An amphitheatre for 300 people was built next to the observatory with a removable screen on it, making it possible to share the image from the telescope with an even larger group of people sitting in the audience.

The program is available on the website https://astro.chelmiec.pl/.

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