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Park Krajobrazowy Pasma Brzanki

Pasmo Brzanki Landscape Park

Widok z lotu ptaka na lasy Pasma Brzanki.

Tarnów Tourist region: Pogórza

The park located between the Biała and Wisłoka rivers is a charming corner with beautiful views. Located on the Ciężkowice Foothills, it is an ideal place for rest, hiking and observing many rare plants.

The Brzanka range stretches latitudinally from the Biała Valley to the Wisłoka Valley. Splendid forests covering the slopes are the park’s main attraction. Fields and meadows complete the landscape at a slightly lower level. The trails crossing the range abound in rock outcrops and interesting geomorphologic forms. Only a fragment of the protected area, the Ryglice and Lubaszowa region, belong to Małopolska province. In this part Brzanka (538m asl) is the highest peak with a private hostel at its summit. A yellow trail runs along the mountain ridge surrounded by a majestic panoramic view of the Foothills and the Beskids.



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