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Pomnik generała Bema na Placu Węgierskim Tarnów

General Bem’s statue at pl. Węgierski Tarnów

Duże malowidło na ścianie budynku, przedstawiające żołnierzy na koniach. W pobliżu budynku pomnik generała Bema.

33-100 Tarnów

In a shadow of a willow tree at a small square right by Wałowa street, stands a bronze statue of General Bem, erected in 1983. Left of the monument, on a tall wall of neighboring house, a colorful mural depicting fragment of the “Transylvanian Panorama” is painted.
It shows Bem with his staff in victorious Battle of Sibiu on March 11, 1849, during the Hungarian Revolution. General Bem defeated the combined Austrian and Russian forces there. The mural was officially presented on October 14, 2017 on the 120th anniversary of the first public presentation of Jan Styka’s gigantic “Transylvanian Panorama”, in Lviv.

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