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Restauracja Albertina Kraków

Albertina Restaurant Krakow

Okrągły, nakryty stół z kwiatami na stole w restauracji Albertina w Krakowie. Z tyłu inne stoliki na tle ceglanej ściany.

ul. Dominikańska 3, 31-043 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

It is not where food is served, and art is created. Albertina, the restaurant at 3 Dominikanska Street, perfectly combines what is most important in cuisine: taste, excellent product and atmosphere. No wonder the chef has been recognised and has a Michelin plate and two sets of Michelin cutlery to his credit.

One enters Albertina like entering a temple of art. The name it carries - referring to the Albertina Galerie in Vienna - is binding. The interiors here are minimalist, bright and unobtrusive. The most important thing is the dish, which in this restaurant in Kraków is supposed to be an absolute masterpiece. Carefully selected fresh, seasonal produce is the basis of dishes that draw on the rich tradition of Polish cuisine and the south of Europe. In the chef's mind, they take on new forms, and thanks to surprising combinations, provide new sensations, both aesthetic and gustatory. Albertina also serves fresh crabs, oysters and lobsters from its lobster plant. A selection of wines complements each dish on the menu of the Kraków restaurant. The menu includes, among others, fillet of turbot with artichoke, lobster dumplings, saffron tagliatelle with lobster, fillet of catfish with boletus steppe and curdled milk.

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