Stacja narciarska Kasina Ski

Kasina Ski

Kasina Ski
Kasina Wielka 672, 34-741 Kasina Wielka Tourist region: Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy
Tourist subregion: Beskidzki
Type of health and beauty amenities: Other
Parking: Car park
Access: Uwagi do dojazdu: Do Kasiny Wielkiej najlepiej dojechać od strony Krakowa (50 km) przez Wieliczkę i Dobczyce, krętą i wąską drogą nr 964, lub, nieco dłużej (63 km), Zakopianką (droga nr 7) do Lubnia, następnie drogą nr 968 do Mszany Dolnej, a potem drogą nr 28 i nr 964.
„Like a rose is the most beautiful and the most fragrant of flowers, this mountain can also be considered the most beautiful due to its layout, as well as the views and beautiful walks it offers.” This is what Jan Nepomucen Rostworowski, a landowner and writer, wrote about Śnieżnica in the 19th century.
The mountain also houses Kasina Ski – a family ski resort. In mid-2016, an overhaul of the station began. On its foundations, a modern all-year-round sports and recreation centre was built. The overhaul started with the replacement of the old chair lift with a new, modern, 6-person unhitched chair lift with characteristic orange covers. When you get to the upper station (902 metres above sea level), after covering the distance of 1000 metres, you can choose an easier blue piste (1300 metres) or the fast and steep red piste (750 metres) and the hardest
black piste (300 metres). You can also spend a while and rest on the viewing terrace, admire the winter
views of the Island Beskids, as well as the picturesque Kasina Wielka, the home town of Justyna Kowalczyk. Less experienced skiers and children can choose the 100-metre conveyor belt and the ski slope located right next to it. At the bottom station, you can find a huge parking, a ski school, service, equipment rental and also an inn and a bistro. The slope is illuminated and groomed. Where did its name come from? Śnieżnica owes it to the snowflakes, which tends to be visible for quite a long time near its peak. Even in the Middle Ages, the mountain was often described as the Snow Mountain; however, the knowledge whether the residents used this snow to ski downhill is forever lost in time.
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