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TOPR - Tatrzańskie Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe

TOPR – Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue

Ratownik TOPR w Tatrach podczas mglistej pogody
tel. 601 100 300
TOPR – Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue – is an organisation dealing with mountain search and rescue operations in the Tatra Mountains.

Despite the ‘volunteer’ part of their name, TOPR responders are top-class professionals, who are known to possess demonstrable excellent knowledge of the topography of the Tatra Mountains as well as skills in climbing, speleology, skiing, belaying, and the carrying out of rescue operations. After lengthy training and preparation, candidates take an oath that obligates them to be available at all times and to respond whenever they are summoned by the Chief.

TOPR handles all kinds of mountain rescue operations, including rescue services in dedicated skiing areas; cave rescue work including, if necessary, the deployment of diving gear and pyrotechnic materials; mountain and avalanche rescue work with avalanche dogs, and carrying out helicopter search and rescue operations.

On average, TOPR carries out more than 2000 interventions annually. In addition to interventions in some ski resorts, the organisation provides assistance to about 900 mountaineers every year in approximately 700 rescue operations in the mountains, half of which are considered major undertakings.

The TOPR website features current information concerning weather in the mountains as well as information concerning risk of avalanche.

Contact information: +48 18 20 63 444, topr@topr.pl.

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