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Wieża widokowa Bochnia Uzbornia

Lookout Tower in Uzbornia, Bochnia

Widok z tarasu widokowego wieży widokowej w Bochni Uzborni. Taras z zegarem słoneczym.

ul. Widok, 32-700 Bochnia Tourist region: Pogórza

The lookout tower is located in the Family Park on the top of Uzbornia, above the restaurant.

From there, you can admire the panorama of the city with the dominant silhouette of the Basilica of St. Nicholas, as well as views of the southern settlements of Bochnia and the Wiśnicz Foothills (Pogórze Wiśnickie). On a clear day, one can see the area beyond the Vistula River and the Niepołomice Forest, which occupies a large part of the Bochnia powiat (district). There is a sundial on the tower. The central part of the Uzbornia Family Park is located at the top of the hill. The area of the Family Park is a good place for a stroll in beautiful natural surroundings. The wooded hill of Uzbornia is criss-crossed by numerous paths that are great for walks, active recreation on roller skates, bicycles and skateboards. Uzbornia is a place in which everyone will find something for themselves. On its grounds, in addition to the lookout tower, there are chess tables, three sports fields, an amphitheatre, a skatepark, a playground, a ‘green’ gym, a pond, a set of gazebos, a bike trail, and a memorial to the victims of the Nazi crime committed on 18 December 1939.

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