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Wieża Widokowa Gorc

Lookout Tower on Gorce

Zdjęcie wykonane z wieży widokowej na Gorcu przedstawia widok Beskidów w jesiennej szacie. Pofałdowany teren, niejednolita roślinność oraz niebo przedstawiające różnorakie kolory stanowią malowniczy krajobraz.

Lubomierz Tourist region: Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy

The lookout tower at the top of the Gorce Mountain (1228 m above sea level) in the Gorce Mountains was built in 2015. It offers a beautiful view of the Beskids, the Pieniny and the Tatra Mountains.

The lookout tower on Gorce has a wooden framework set on a concrete foundation. The staircase leading up to the observation deck is completely built-in and makes it much more comfortable for people who are afraid of heights and small children to climb the tower. The observation deck can accommodate around 30 people. It is protected by wooden cladding, on the inside walls on which the descriptions of the panoramic views can be found. The route leading to the top of the Gorce Mountain is so easy that people with no experience in mountain hiking can also make the trek to the lookout tower.
From the tower on Gorce, one can admire the Beskids, the Pieniny and the Tatra Mountains.
One of the routes to the Gorce lookout tower can be started in the village of Lubomierz. After a drive of about 1 km from Przysłop Pass towards Szczawa, there is a car park on the right. From this point, you can start climbing Gorce Mountain following the blue trail. One of the stages of this hike is to reach Nowa Polana, from where there are views of the Island Beskids. The next stage of the hike is Polana Świnkówka with a view of the Tatra Mountains. The final stage is to reach the peak. Below the peak, after descending from the blue trail and walking a small section of the green trail, there is the PTTK Gorce base camp for tents. 

Webcams have been installed on the roof of the lookout tower in Gorce, so you can follow the real time panoramic view from the tower. The view from the cameras is available on the website of the gmina (municipality) of Ochotnica Dolna.

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