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Winnica Rodziny Steców Tuchów

Stec Family Vineyard

Fotografia przedstawiająca winnicę rodzina steców z lotu ptaka. Widoczne rzędy krzewów winnej latorośli, w tle charakterystyczna zabudowa polskiej wsi, łąki, pola, oraz lasy. Piękna pogoda sprawia, iż widok zapiera dech w piersi, dostrzegalne wszystkie szczegóły aż po horyzont.

ul. Wołowa 60a, 33-170 Tuchów Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

tel. +48 792640955
The vineyard is located in the beautiful, picturesque small town of Tuchów near Tarnów.

Vines are planted on the south and south-west slopes at altitudes ranging from 220 to 320 metres. From the north, the vineyard is surrounded by a large forest complex of several hundred hectares – the Tuchowski Forest – protecting the vines from cold winds and frosts.
The vineyard was designed by Roman Myśliwiec – a precursor of Polish winemaking, and established by Rafał Stec in 2007. Viticulture in the vineyard occupies as much as 4.5 hectares, but the area for the wine cultivation is to be expanded in the future. Currently, many varietals are grown in the vineyard, including: Seyval Blanc, Aurora, Bianca, Hibernal, Dawn, Muscat Odessa, Sibera, Solaris, Swenson Red, Rondo, Regent, Marechal Foch, Leon Millot, Bolero, Muscaris, Johaniter and Cabernet Cortis as well as dessert wine varieties. The vineyard is organically certified and cultivated on the principle of permaculture. The Stec Family Vineyard has won many awards in international wine competitions and medals at the Tuchovinifest festival.

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