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Cmentarz wojenny numer 163 Tuchów

War cemetery no. 163 Tuchów

Mogiły z węgierskimi krzyżami z kołami zębatymi

ul. Partyzantów, 33-170 Tuchów Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

Designed by Heinrich Scholz, rectangular in plan with truncated corners, covers an area of 1395 m².
The central memorial is a massive stone plinth with the metal cross, decorated with a halo. The dates 1914 – 1915 are on the monument. On the rear of the monument there is the inscription: "Do not regret that our lips were silent - our graves speak to you about love the Fatherland " The cemetery holds 22 mass graves and 106 individual graves: 137 soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, 97 Russian soldiers.

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