The Renaissance

Budynek dworu o funkcjach obronnych widziany z zewnątrz
The Renaissance, or Rebirth, is one of the most beautiful periods in art. In that era, humanism dominated, science blossomed, people were fascinated by the Antique.

After centuries of the enormous influences of the Church on the life, the society had become secularised which had a tremendous impact on the evolution of culture. The trend, which had been born in Italy, returned to classical patterns of ancient Greece and Rome in architecture, which was expressed by searching for the harmony of forms, clarity of design and objective beauty. Many secular palaces and villas were built, municipal town halls and cloth halls were also given the Renaissance form full of semicircular arches, arcade colonnades and coffered ceilings. The Renaissance in art developed thanks to patrons who financed the activity of artists. The rulers willingly brought Italian artists to their courts. Also in Małopolska, the traces of this era are left. We owe much to King Sigismund the Old and Queen Bona from the Italian family of Sforza. We will find the Renaissance buildings in Krakow, while the real gem of the Renaissance among the towns in the region is Tarnów. It is worth to pay attention to the Pieskowa Skała castle and „Little Wawel”, in Sucha Beskidzka and many other places, some of which we present in the portal.

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