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Muzeum Ziemi Tarnowskiej Tarnów Ratusz

Museum of the Tarnów Region

Wnętrze muzeum, gdzie na ścianach znajdują się podobizny królów. Przy ścianie znajdują się eksponaty w postaci krzeseł, skrzyni czy biblioteczki.

ul. Rynek 1, 33-100 Tarnów Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

tel. +48 146929000
tel. +48 146390865
Until 1931, the city authorities were in office in this Renaissance building in the centre of the city. Later it was donated to the museum. The tower, which is 28 meters high, offers a panoramic view of Tarnów.

The Town Hall, which is a branch of the District Museum in Tarnów, was designated as the Historical Art Gallery. Several exhibitions can be seen in its historic halls. On the ground floor, you will find an exhibition devoted to Polish noble culture, which includes, among other things, a collection of Polish and oriental military items with an impressive copy of a five-meter-long hussar. In the hunting armoury, you can see firearms used for hunting and sports, but also weapons used for self-defence and duels. Most of the exhibits come from the Rzewuski collection from their castle in Podhorce (now a part of the Ukraine). The beautiful interior of the town hall houses a gallery of Polish noble portraits, known as Sarmatians, from the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as Renaissance and Baroque furniture. People who are interested in porcelain and glass will appreciate the collection in the Council Room, where products from the most famous manufactories of Western Europe and Poland are collected. The museum hosts scientific sessions and thematic lessons.

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