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Dolina Mnikowska

Mnikowska Valley

Skalna ściana przy potoku w Dolinie Mnikowskiej.

Mników Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska

Final section of the Sanka Valley cut in the limestone near the Tenczyński Hump.

The Mnikowska Valley is a real gem in the land of Podkrakowskie Valleys. It is a small gorge you will find in the Sanka Valley, a dozen or so kilometres west of Kraków's Castle. The hike takes about 15 minutes one way, and it ends at a large clearing and a high rock with a painting of Our Lady of the Rocks. A comfortable wide gravel path, a blue hiking and cycling trail and the Małopolska Geotourism Trail lead along the bottom of the Mniowska Valley. A trip to the Valley is an excellent idea for parents with prams, hikers and cyclists. During the walk, you will find many benches and tables. In summer, open-air masses are held under the rock. Protected as a nature reserve, it has the character of a gorge. It is narrow, and its steep slopes are formed by rock formations in the form of maces and towers. Sometimes they form compact groups, and there are caves in some of them. Two types of landscape, natural and cultural, have developed under the influence of centuries of farming. It is a pleasant place for a walk or a picnic. A large clearing with benches is in the middle of the Valley. Steps go up to rocks, and a niche hides an altar with a large rock painting of Our Lady of the Rocks. The latter was created by Walery Eljasz-Radzikowski in 1863 and is now being reconstructed. Along the way, you pass crosses that are stations of the Way of the Cross.

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