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Puszcza Dulowska

Dulowa Forest

Puszcza Dulowska

Dulowa Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

It is a unique pearl on the nature map of the municipality of Trzebinia. Dulowa Forest is a wooded complex where you can encounter a moose and spot a black stork. It is a great place for walks, cycling, and close encounters with nature.

The forest, which is a remnant of an ancient primeval forest, lies within the boundaries of the Jurassic Landscape Park. It occupies a large part of the western edge of the Krzeszowice Rift, part of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland. In this part, it is called the Dulowa Trough. From the north, it is bounded by the south-west edge of the Olkusz Upland, called Myślachowice Hills. From the south, it abuts the Tenczyn Ridge, the western fragment of which is called the Płaza Block.

The Krzeszowice Rift was formed in the Tertiary period as the result of the orogeny going on at the time in the south of Poland. The previously homogeneous massif of a plateau character split and its central part dropped by nearly 500 metres in some places. At the same time a depression was formed that limited the Płaza Block from the east (a road and a railway line connecting Regulice and Alwernia run through it). The bottoms of the rifts were filled by sands and clays, creating a subsoil that is not very permeable for water. As a result, this area has always been wet, and it is fed by, among others, water flowing in small streams from nearby hills. It is also the site of the headwaters of the Chechło River, which, according to the latest findings, is the boundary between the Silesian Upland and the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland. The western border of the Krzeszowice Rift is marked by the Pstrużnik stream.

It is the perfect place to catch your breath and directly commune with nature. It’s a great place for cyclists, families with children and strollers, and connoisseurs of rare species of fauna and flora. It is worth taking advantage of the nature and forest trail in the Dulowa Forestry, which leads along the north-western edge of the Dulowa Forest.

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