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Rezerwat Zimny Dół

Zimny Dół (Cold Pit) Nature Reserve

Bluszcz pnący się po wapiennych skałach rezerwatu Zimny Dół.

Czułów Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska

This is an inanimate nature reserve located within the Tenczynński Hump in the village of Czułów in the Liszki commune, about 20 km from Kraków. On the steep slope of the ravine, where an educational path has been marked, numerous isolated rocks form a labyrinth-like rock city.

The entrance to the valley is next to the district road from Czułów to Baczyn by a distinctive chapel and a high rock called Lysica. In the parking lot located here, we leave the car and continue on foot, passing the former quarry's stones, where climbing/diving routes are marked nowadays. The valley is inhabited, but there is no shop or restaurant on the way, so you have to take some food with you. The red tourist trail to Czernichów leads along the bottom of the valley. After walking about 750 metres, you turn right into a cave, where a karst spring is located, and the outflowing brook has gouged out a picturesque mini gorge. Return to the trail by the information board, cross the narrow stream and climb the steep slope on the left side of the valley. After several metres, the trail splits, but the whole route creates a loop. Going along the ravine first is easier and not uphill, and later the path marking is more visible. On the left, we pass high rocks, alongside which we will return. After a short while, you enter a labyrinth of Jurassic rocks with numerous caves, pass boulders with interesting shapes and walk between rock walls. The Reserve is also valuable in terms of animal nature. Rare flowering ivy and many protected vascular plants can be found here. The rocks are most impressive before the leaves of the numerous hazelnut trees grow.

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