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Gmina Zielonki

Zielonki Commune

Dwóch rowerzystów pokazujących dłonią widoki podczas rajdu rowerowego Zielonki

Zielonki Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

The Commune closest to the centre of Kraków in the Małopolska Voivodeship is the Commune of Zielonki. Most of its area is located in the protected landscape area – within the Kraków Valleys Landscape Park and the Dłubno Landscape Park, as well as in the Ojców National Park buffer zone. The initial stage of the Trail of Eagle's Nests passes through the area of the Zielonki Commune. The Castle in Korzkiew is the first Eagle Nest on this side of Kraków.

Large-scale outdoor sports and cultural events in the Zielonki Commune are popular among residents and tourists. The Biking Race around the Zielonki Commune, the Carrot Half Marathon, and the Run in the Memory of Accursed Soldiers can be mentioned among such events.

 Several associations of rural women, folk ensembles, bands, wind orchestras and carol groups, including Herods of Zielonki, are active in the commune. Easter Pucherok quests, Easter Palm braiding, the presenting of bouquets on the occasion of the Feast Of the Divine Mother of Herbs, and the harvest festivals are organised. Since 2022, the Kraków Costume Festival has been promoting the production and wearing of traditional regional clothing according to the historical ‘from Zielonki’ pattern. It is preceded by the Folk Culture Week, which serves to maintain and develop local identity among children and young people attending educational institutions operating in the area of the Commune of Zielonki and to bring to life the knowledge about the history and culture of Western Kraków people.

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