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Muzeum Regionalne Stary Sącz

The Regional Museum in Stary Sącz

Najcenniejszy późnobarokowy Dom na Dołkach, tynkowany na biało z gontowym dachem.

Rynek 6, 33-340 Stary Sącz Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski

tel. +48 184460094
Muzeum Regionalne (Regional Museum) is run by the Society of Lovers of Stary Sącz. The exhibition shows the town's history, the society's customs, the culture of the Sącz Lachs, and well-known figures associated with it, including Ada Sari and Father Józef Tischner.

The museum, named after Seweryn Udziela in Stary Sącz, opened in 1956. The renovated, historic 'Dom na Dołkach' on the Market Square in Stary Sącz features the historical memorabilia that had belonged to  Józef Paszkiewicz, the shoemaker who donation became the nucleus of the museum's collection. Initially, the museum, called the Regional Chamber, occupied two rooms, but over time it increased its exhibition space, and in 1976, the museum changed its name to the present one. Today, the museum tells the story of the city's history, traditions, and culture, and introduces famous people associated with it.

The museum currently has two permanent exhibitions presented in seven rooms. The name of the first room is 'Stary Sącz- history and culture'. The exhibition, housed in several rooms, covers a wide range of topics, from the city's founding to the culture of the region. Here, you can admire a collection of ancient religious art, handicrafts from Stary Sącz, and artistic creations of the cult of St  Kinga. An important impression in the museum is the remembrance of Pope John Paul II's visit to Stary Sącz during the canonisation of St Kinga. Other rooms present the culture of the Sącz Lachs and the customs and social life of the inhabitants of Stary Sącz. It is also possible to look at the local community through the biographies and memorabilia of distinguished Old Saxon citizens and the memory of those who fought to defend the freedom of their homeland. The permanent exhibition also focuses on Ada Sari (or Jadwiga Szayer), the famous Polish opera singer who performed on the world's most important stages. From the age of 3, she lived with her family in Stary Sącz. The exhibition tells the story of her life and presents photographs, documents, manuscripts and  Ada Sari's personal belongings. 

The permanent exhibition 'Father Józef Tischner – life and thought' has been on view since 2004. The star of the exhibition, a native son of Stary Sącz, was a frequent visitor to his hometown. His memory is still alive, and the exhibition is dedicated to biographical threads from his life and the places he was associated with. One of the rooms is a reconstruction of one from the priest's family home, and has original furnishings. During the tour you can listen to Father Tischner's archived sermons and watch a film about the philosopher-priest.

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