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Pałac Sanguszków Tarnów

The Sanguszko Palace (The Warm Pole), Tarnów

Pałac Sanguszków, Tarnów

ul. Sanguszków 28, Tarnów Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

tel. +48 146220075
The House Sanguszko of the crest of a Pogoń were last private owners of Tarnów, which became independent after 1787.
The history of House Sanguszko in Tarnów begin in 1723, when after a childless death of Alexander Dominic Lubomirski, his greatest fortune in Poland was including Tarnów which was deteriorating at a time, was inherited by his sister, Mary Ann, wife of a prince Paul Carl Sanguszko. That way, she brought her part of Tarnowian county to the Sanguszko's house. Prince Paul Carl contributed to raising the town from its fall, most importantly what he did is that he united all previously-partitioned Tarnowian counties in 1742. Hieronim Sanguszko built the Sanguszko Palace in 1799 in the place of old wooden manor. In 30s of the 19th century Władysław Sanguszko extended it to the current shape. At the end of the 19th century the Palace received neo-renaissance elements and a neo-gothic chapel. In years 1939-1945 Nazi German headquarters were stationed there. Princess Constance Sanguszkowa lived there at the time. The communists later expelled her from the palace and it was used as a Citizen Militia outpost, and later – a school. Currently this building serves as a Economical-Gardening School. In the adjacent park there is a “Polish Warm Pole” - the warmest place in Poland!

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