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Park Pojednania Narodów Oświęcim

The Nations Reconciliation Park Oświęcim

Widok na polanę pośrodku której ustawione są ławeczki oraz stoły. Po lewej duże drzewo.

ul. Kamieniec, Oświęcim Tourist region: Oświęcim i okolice

The Nations Reconciliation Park in Oświęcim is located near the Auschwitz Memorial, from which it is separated by the Soła River.

The location in the immediate vicinity of the Soła River and on the northern side with the area of the 'Łęg – Kamieniec' ecological use makes it attractive in terms of nature and landscape. The paths have been laid out in a free-flowing manner and have been adapted to the terrain and existing walking and cycling routes.

The park is suitable for large events, including festivals. 

The investment is part of the 'Oświęcim Meeting Space' project. Its implementation is expected to make the city more attractive to 2 million tourists visiting the Auschwitz Museum every year. 

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