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Skała Diable Boisko Pławna

Devil’s Playground Rock, Pławna

Łuk skalny

33-190 Pławna Tourist region: Pogórza

It looks like a bridge suspended over a bottomless abyss.. The sandstone rock formation in Pławna takes the form of a rock arch. According to legend, the rock was the gateway to hell and devils cavorted under the arch. Do you have the courage to visit this bewitched place?

The Diable Boisko rock is a mysterious attraction in the Ciężkowice-Rożnowskie Landscape Park. There was probably once a shallow cavern here, but rock movements and weathering processes have resulted in the present shape of the formation. It is worth mentioning that it is the only rock in the form of a rock arch in the whole of the Beskids and Pogórze. It has been an inanimate natural monument since 2004.

The rock looks impressive and picturesque, and a dark legend is associated with it. The sand deposited under the rock arch from the weathering processes of the rock was considered the playground of devils, and the arch was the gateway to hell.

The arch is about 40 minutes by foot on the green tourist trail from the village of Pławna in the Biała Valley. The scenic route takes you through a ravine and a forest of beech and fir. Children will have an easy time on it, so it's a great way to have a family outing. It is also an ideal alternative for those looking for a respite and something unique that relatively few people know about.

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