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Skamieniałe Miasto Ciężkowice

Stone City Ciężkowice

Fragmenty skalne porośnięte drzewami.

Ciężkowice Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

This is one of the main attractions and sights of the Carpathian Foothills, a geological reserve where large sandstone rocks of fanciful and splendid shapes can be admired.

As a natural monument, the area was already protected in 1932 but became a reserve only a couple of years later in 1974. This place of outstanding beauty is situated within the borders of Ciężkowice town, only 700 metres from the city centre (along the road from Tarnów to Gorlice and Krynica). The rocks, which acquired their shapes under the influence of erosion, bear interesting names. Apart from the Witch with a hooked nose, which guards the city’s entrance, there is also the Town Hall, the Tower, the Club, the Pyramid, and the Badger…. One gathering of rocks has even been dubbed Grunwald in memory of the greatest victory in Polish history. In the vicinity of the reserve there is one more interesting site: the miniature - being only 70 metres long - Czarownic (Witches) gorge. It can be reached via the trail from the Stone City. Lastly, the gorges greatest attraction is an impressively large waterfall, which in winter creates a splendid ice wall while in summer plunges resoundingly onto the rocks.

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