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Bacówka Andrzeja Staszela „Furtka” Kuźnice Kalatówki

Andrzej Staszel's (aka 'Furtek') Shepherd's Hut in Kuźnice, Kalatówki

Bacówka Andrzeja Staszela w Kuźnicach tuż przy ścieżce. Koło Bacówki jest dwójka osób. Wokół drzewa, zielona trawa i niebieskie, aczkolwiek zachmurzone niebo.

Zakopane Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

The senior shepherd 'Furtek' comes from a family of shepherds. One of those that will get you into every highlander's door at the foot of the Tatras. But it also obliges, and the oscypki from this shepherd's hut are among the best in the Tatras.

Like many in his profession, Andrzej Staszel took over the glorious traditions from his father and grandfather. 'I have never thought of anything else than shepherding, it is my passion', he declares. In his opinion, every shepherd has his own ways of making good oscypek. His family keeps the family recipe hidden. 'Even the best recipes will not help, it takes a lot of practice to make an oscypek that tastes and smells great', concludes the senior shepherd. Andrzej Staszel is the senior shepherd in Kuźnice and Kalatówki. Both of his shepherd's huts are located in the Tatra National Park. They are all popular places and they are also easily accessible spots on these extremely busy tourist trails. It is certainly worthwhile going to the Kondratowa Pasture, for example, rather than buying a chocolate bar, in order to try oscypek made according to old recipes and from the milk of sheep which graze in the Tatra mountain pastures far from civilisation. You can also have a chat with the shepherds or their helpers and, when the occasion arises, take a souvenir photo with a flock of sheep.

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