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Bacówka Stanisława Łasia Nowy Targ

Stanisław Łaś's Shepherd's Hut in Nowy Targ

Baca w rogu Bacówki siedzi z rękami w drewnianej beczce. Obok niego żelazny gar zawieszony na łańcuchu podgrzewa się na rozpalonym ognisku.

Nowy Targ Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

Stanisław Łaś runs a shepherd's hut next to the airport near Nowy Targ. 'I enjoy it as much as my father and grandfather enjoyed it', says the owner of one of the largest flocks of sheep in Podhale. Sometimes the number of his sheep can reach 1,200.

In spite of appearances, the shepherd's huts located in Małopolska are very different from one another, especially when it comes to the area on which the sheep are grazed as well as the number of livestock.  The one owned by Stanisław Łaś which is located near the Nowy Targ airport is really large – during the good years, up to 1,200–1,500 sheep graze on the meadows.  A large flock requires the support of several shepherds. That is why a Mr Stanisław's family lives at the shepherd's hut with him. ‘My wife is a sweetheart, she never complains that I am constantly at work. If necessary, she cleans the shepherd's hut so that it is tidy and in line with EU requirements', says Łaś. He has been making Oscypki for more than 30 years, but has yet to find the recipe for the best cheese. 'When you make cheese, you want each new one to be better. If your family likes it, you have to sell it to tourists', laughs the senior shepherd. He also admits that the presence of women at a shepherd's hut is a new thing, as highlanders used to believe that their presence at a shepherd's hut would bring bad luck. Here, however, the example of the Łaś marriage shows that the opposite is true, and it is perhaps because of the woman's presence at the shepherd's hut that the sheep milk cheeses sold here are exceptionally good, according to the connoisseurs. While shopping, it is also possible to see a small plane pulling a glider from the nearby sports airport to the famous 'Tatra wave'. Parachutists often have the dilemma of whether to land at their destination or at a shepherd's hut.

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