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Dwór obronny zamek Wieruskich Wieruszyce

The defensive manor Wieruszyce

Budynek o kamiennych ścianach i wysokim dachu. Wokół trawa, za budynkiem drzewa.

32-740 Wieruszyce Tourist region: Pogórza

The defensive manor in Wieruszyce is a beautiful Renaissance manor house – one of the oldest that have survived in Poland.
Having belonged to the noble Wieruski family centuries ago, the manor house served as the family’s place of residence until the middle of the 17th century. Later it was transformed into a granary and eventually became forgotten and abandoned. It survived World War II and was taken over by a private owner, who made necessary efforts so that the historic site could be admired until today. The building was made of stone and a limited quantity of brick, and the entire plan is based on a rectangular shape. In some areas, the walls of the building reach 2 metres of thickness. It has a hipped shingle roof. The round tower with a conical roof is covered with shingles, too. The manor house fulfilled a defensive role against potential aggressors, and its function was reinforced by a moat on the eastern side and the location on the hill. The rich history of the defensive manor in Wieruszyce can be found on many websites devoted to castles and in specialised literature.

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