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Muzeum Iluzji Krakil Kraków

Krakil Museum of Illusions Krakow

Para robi sobie selfie na tle eksponatów, kobieta dmucha w obraz, z którego unoszą się bańki mydlane

ul. Straszewskiego 15, 31-101 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 513050220
The Museum of Illusions is a space where illusion meets scientific invention and art: physics and optics are presented along with mysterious works of art and classic puzzles. The unique educational experience is enriched by interactive entertainment: drawing with light, creating shadows and unforgettable moments in the world upside down. Assistants present at the museum will answer every question and bring you closer to the amazing world of illusions. It is a very Instagrammable place where you can take an interesting picture and make a video, with no limits on the use of your camera and phone.

The permanent exhibition changes slightly every year as new exhibits are added to the collection. The exhibition can be roughly divided into exhibits related to optical, physical, special and historical illusion. Many of the exhibits have instructions in four languages (Polish, English, French, and Ukrainian). You will spend your time in the museum in an interesting way, learn many fun facts and curiosities from the world of science, discover amazing phenomena and have lots of fun!

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