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Stara Synagoga Kraków

Old Synagogue, Kraków

Budynek synagogi z cegły z elementami kamiennymi, stojący przy dużym placu. Na placu kilka osób.

ul. Szeroka 24, 31-053 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 124220962
fax. +48 124310545
tel. +48 124310545
Dating back to the 15th century, the synagogue is one of the oldest buildings of its kind in Poland. Regular services were organised there until 1941.

The walls of the old synagogue witnessed many important events in Polish history. Tadeusz Kościuszko spoke in front of the synagogue, and President Ignacy Mościcki once paid a visit there. Today, the Old Synagogue is a branch of the Kraków Museum, which houses an extremely rich collection, including unique monuments of Jewish history and culture. The permanent exhibition is devoted to the history and culture of the Jews of Kraków. Its history probably dates back to 1494, when Jews accused of starting a fire were forced to move to Kazimierz as a punishment. When it burned down decades later, Matteo Gucci of Florence took care of its renovation. The synagogue, despite being expanded with women’s and singer’s halls, retained its Gothic character, albeit with Renaissance elements. Destroyed during the war, it was renovated in the 1950s and restored to its former glory. Today, it is one of the most precious monuments of Jewish religious architecture in Europe. Every year, the square in front of the synagogue hosts a Saturday concert – Shalom on Szeroka – as part of the Jewish Culture Festival, with a break for the pandemic.

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