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Winnica Zagardle Szczodrkowice

Zagardle Vineyard

Drewniana deska zawieszona na ogrodzeniu z wyrytym napisem Winnica Zagardle i kiścią winogron

Szczodrkowice 235, 32-043 Szczodrkowice Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska

tel. +48 696065921
A vineyard with an image of a dog named Cheri.

In the north of Małopolska, in the village of Szczodrkowice, initially 80 vines were experimentally planted on a small area. The good results led to the decision made in 2013 about the backyard vineyard. Currently, the Zagardle vineyard consists of 3800 vines on an area of 1 ha.
The plantation is located on a gently undulating Jurassic plateau, among open fields, interspersed with strips of scrubland on baulks and small groves. The terrain here rises quite high, almost 400 metres above sea level, the soils are clayey on a limestone substrate.
The winery logo that adorns each bottle is an image of the owners' dog named Cheri. The processing plant and winery are located in the cellars of the house. Unlike other winemakers in the Małopolska region, the owners do not plan to expand their plantation; they want to be personally responsible for the entire process of making each bottle and to keep its quality high. Varieties that can be found here include Regent, Rondo, Hibernal, Leon Millot, Seyval Blanc, and Jutrzenka. The owners gladly welcome guests for tours and tastings.

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