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Wysoka i Wąwóz Homole

Wysoka and Homole gorge

Pani wędrująca szlakiem z dzieckiem na plecach w Wąwozie Homole, a w tle las.
Types of trails: Hiking
Length of trail: 13,5 km
Jaworki Tourist region: Pieniny i Spisz
Lesser Pieniny are famous for their extensive ridge meadows and picturesque rocks, particularly impressive in the minature Homole gorge. It is in Lesser Pieniny where you can also find the highest mountain in the range, i.e. Wysoka (1050 m asl). The slopes of the Lesser Pieniny can be reached from Szczawnica using the chairlift to Palenica. From there, follow the yellow trail up the main ridge, where you will find blue signs. Follow them through the extensive ridge meadows and you will reach Wysoka. Be very cautious during your descent: the path is extremely steep. You will see a green trail branching off the blue one at some point. It will take you to the Homole gorge, and then to Jaworki, where the trip ends.
Szczawnica – Wysoka – Wąwóz Homole – Jaworki

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