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Wąwóz Homole Pieniny

Homole Gorge (the Pieniny)

Wąwóz Homole w Pieninach

Jaworki Tourist region: Pieniny i Spisz

Homole Gorge (800 m) is one of the most beautiful corners of the Little Pieniny range. It forms a deep canyon with steep sides (up to 120 metres high) covered scenically with juniper and calcicole plants. The Kamionka stream, whose bed is filled with boulders, flows though the gorge.

This romantic corner, adapted and ideal for sightseeing, became a nature reserve in 1963 to protect its landscape and precious geological features. A green trail, which starts just before Jaworki village near Szczawnica, crosses the gorge. A sign marks the entrance to the reserve (just before it, you can find a car park and an inn). Many tales tell that already by the 5th century the gorge was being explored by treasure hunters. In one of the rocks, called Prokwitowska Homola, the mineshafts of those storied gold-greedy explorers have been found. The first stretch of the trail crosses the canyon, where the lofty rocks can be admired. Further on, the trail leads up through the forest scree towards a glade.Almost a kilometre long ravine-like valley, protected as a nature reserve. It starts with slide forms, e.g. waterfalls formed on massive rock formations moved downwards by forces of gravitation. Below there is a stream which cuts into the bottom very clearly and doesn’t leave any deposits. It uses an existing system of faults and at the end of the ravine it engulfs a crevice spring which flows out of the rocks.


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