Bobowa - Jewish Culture Trail

Kirkut w Bobowej
Bobowa is situated halfway between Tarnów and Krynica-Zdrój. This is atown with a little more than 3 thousand inhabitants. A few years ago, it was stilla village – in 2009, it regained its city rights lost before World War II. The history of the Christian and Jewish population in Bobowa interlaced so intricately as lacesoriginating from there. The Jews were brought to Bobowa in 1732 by the squire,Michał Jaworowski, in order to restore the commercial activity in the town. Theyowned the vast majority of shops and some workshops. In the 18th century,a synagogue was built in Bobowa. The town was one of the biggest centres ofHasidism in Poland, and until today the Jews from all over the world go onpilgrimages to the grave of the Bobowa Tzadik, Solomon be Nathan Halberstam,who enjoyed great authority. Many Jews still hum Bobowa nigunim - characteristicHasidic songs. In 1939, when the Germans occupied Bobowa, strong persecution ofthe Jewish population started. In October 1942, the Germans created the ghettoin Bobowa. During war, some people were shot by the Nazis, some deported to thecamps. After war, the Jews did not return to Bobowa.

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