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Two female dance instructors  on the edge of the paddling pool keep an eye on young children dancing. Behind them is a structure with a lighthouse on top and a winding slide. In the background is a tall structure and next to it on the right are rocks with artificial palm trees and a waterfall. On the left, there is a fountain and a serene sky.
A myriad of activities means tons of excitement, a quickened pulse, a rush of adrenaline, pleasure... Enthusiasts of active leisure will find it in every corner of Małopolska. Importantly, the number of attractions accessible to all people is also increasing every month. This allows people with different types of disabilities to enjoy their experience to the fullest. We checked what facilities you can count on to provide unimpeded access, in the amusement parks and water parks, among others, of Małopolska.

Energylandia – unlimited excitement

Energylandia is the largest family amusement park in Poland. In this extraordinary world of fun, guests can look forward to impressive roller coasters, a land of water attractions and many themed zones, among other things. Not surprisingly, adrenaline and excitement rule. The Dragon's Lair, reminiscent of The Witcher or The Lord of the Rings; Sweet Valley with a great arsenal of sweets; A fairyland where every fairy tale teems with life – there is certainly no room for boredom here.

The Zator kingdom of entertainment is the clear leader when it comes to the accessibility of its attractions for people with disabilities. This ranges from free dedicated parking spaces to toilets and medical facilities where - if necessary - specialist assistance can be provided.  The moment they begin their adventure at the family park, people with disabilities will notice the attention given to making the park 100% accessible. The Disability Service Point, where visitors are given accurate information about their stay and the attractions they can enjoy, is dedicated to their service. The point is easy to find as it is located at the main entrance.

Although not all attractions are accessible to people with reduced mobility, the park makes every effort to make as many attractions suitable for different needs as possible. For example, blind people can enjoy roller coasters. Visitors to Energylandia, on presentation of a valid disabled person's card, a duplicate card or an original disability certificate, can also expect cheaper tickets. What's more, injured people with a plaster, splint or prosthesis are also entitled to a discount.

Rabkoland – a magical land for everyone

Rabkoland in Rabka-Zdrój, in operation since 1988, is an iconic amusement park. The children take to it like a duck to water. A monkey grove, maze, water pontoons, cabinet of mirrors, slides, and merry-go-rounds await.... No wonder, then, that in the blink of an eye the whole day passes in a whirl of fun.

‘Good Fun Should Be Available to All Guests’ is Rabkoland's motto. That’s why its hosts try to make as many attractions as possible100% accessible to everyone. The first is the attractive ticket price – only £19 for hours of great fun. To receive the discount, simply  present a disability certificate or a disabled person's card.

In Rabkoland, you will also find wide, paved walkways and a special-purpose wheelchair lift to help you take advantage of the park's attractions. It also has a disabled-accessible toilet, and many attractions have been suitably converted, including for guests in wheelchairs. Notably, the operators of the individual units can bring an amusement ride to an immediate halt whenever necessary.

Besides, it is worth remembering that Rabkoland's attractions support children's sensorimotor skills, making it an excellent form of rehabilitation.

Zatorland – a world of dinosaurs at your fingertips

In Zatorland you’ll see very quickly  that the fascination with dinosaurs ddoesn’t fade with age. In Zatorland, you can walk right up to life-like animated full-size replicas of ferocious creatures  that iroamed our planet hundreds of millions of years ago.  Scary gigantic and relatively small, rather cute ones, too. Not only do they move,  they also roar. Undeniably, this is not all that Zatorland has to offer – great fun for the youngest is also waiting in the Insect Park, the Mythology Park and the Lunapark.

Zatorland is definitely a place without barriers. Thanks to the paved and asphalted walkways, people with disabilities can reach any part of it. There are also properly adapted toilets and special parking spaces. The park offers visitors a daily 50% discount on tickets for holders of a disabled person's card. On the other hand, every first Friday of the month, Zatorland hosts the Day of Smiles, when people with disabilities, children's homes and their carers can enjoy all the attractions of Zatorland free of charge!

 World of Dreams – this is where dreams come true

The World of Dreams is a place where magical moments become reality. Divided into five zones, the theme park not only entertains and teaches, but transports visitors to the remotest corners of the world. Imagine that in inconspicuous Inwałd you will stand in front of the Eiffel Tower of Paris, look at the Tatra Mountains from above, learn the secrets of a blacksmith's work, go through an intricate labyrinth, and eat sweets from the dragon stall for sweetness.

Most importantly, the World of Dreams is also a disabled-friendly venue. It is worth starting with the fact that wheelchair users have free entry and their carers can use a concessionary ticket. The entrance and exit gates are wheelchair-accessible, and the wide walkways allow free movement through the park. You will also find specially-designated parking spaces and suitably adapted toilets. All food outlets and souvenir shops are wheelchair accessible.

The thoroughfares in the Miniature Park are paved,providing effortless access to the miniatures and other attractions. In contrast, the paths in the Warren are topped with gravel, making it challenging to move on a wheelchair, but access is possible. Difficulties for wheelchair users can also arise at the stairs, which are located at some attractions, such as the Mill Wheel, the 5D Cinema, the Pirate Boat and the Armoury. It is worth mentioning that detailed rules and regulations are posted next to each attraction, which inform you of any restrictions on access to particular attractions.

Barrier-free water parks and thermal baths

Water is an ideal source of relaxation all year round – pleasantly cooling in summer and warming in winter. There are a number of thermal baths and swimming pools in Małopolska that are adapted for people with disabilities, offering them comfort and full accessibility.

In Chochołowskie Thermal Baths, Gorący Potok, Bania Thermal BathsBukovina Thermal Baths, Water Park in Kraków and Zakopiańskie Thermal Baths are barrier-free entrances, wide doors and lifts enabling easy movement around the facilities. All of these sites offer specially adapted toilets and changing rooms with handrails and ample space. Pool lifts facilitate safe immersion into and emergence from pools, and special areas in pools with ramps and handrails provide additional comfort. Appropriately trained staff are ready to assist at any time, ensuring the safety and comfort of all guests.

Even more barrier-free attractions in Małopolska

These are, of course, not all of Małopolska's barrier-free attractions. In Muszyna, for example, you can find the picturesque Sensory Gardens. It is a place that has been designed to interact with smell, sight, touch and taste. It was established for therapeutic, socialising and educational purposes. The most convenient entrance for wheelchair users is on the side of the ‘Korona’ and ‘Muszyna’ sanatoriums, and all paths in the gardens are adapted for people with disabilities.

In Kraków, we recommend Stanisław Lem Garden of Experiences, where 110 devices and installations allow you to explore  phenomena from the world of science, engineering, and technology. Special offers of two-hour guided tours have been made for people with disabilities. They have been adapted to different needs: visual impairment, hearing impairment and mobility impairment. Disabled people and their carers can use concessionary tickets.

Another natural barrier-free attraction in the Małopolska region is the Brama w Gorce. Visitors can enjoy a pleasant walk on wooden footbridges surrounded by nature, an education centre, a cinema room and places to relax. The best way to get there is by using the car park in Waksmund, from where a bus takes visitors to the starting point of the tour. If it is difficult to use public transport it is possible -- with prior notification -- to park directly in front of the Centre. An electric wheelchair is also available for disabled people. Concessionary tickets are available to both disabled people and their carers.

In the Beskid Sądecki, it is also worth visiting the treetop path and viewing tower in Słotwiny in Krynica-Zdrój. Despite its considerable height of several tens of metres, it is fully accessible for wheelchair users. The gradient of the route is between 2 and 6%, allowing a safe trip to the top. Tickets are available at a discount of 10% off the regular price.

These are just some of the many places in the Małopolska region where people with disabilities can fully enjoy the attractions. With a wide range of facilities, attractive ticket prices and thoughtful infrastructure, every guest can enjoy unforgettable moments full of fun and enjoyment. Indeed, Małopolska aims to make its treasures accessible to all without any barriers. For this is the only way for everyone to experience the absolute beauty of Małopolska.


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