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Park Świat Marzeń Inwałd

“World of Dreams” Miniature Park Inwałd

Duży plac wyłozony kostką z dwoma po bokach figurami, ze schodami w części środkowej i okrągłymi w środku. Dalej wysoki, jasny budynek z dużą kopułą na dachu. Po prawej i lewej długie budynki z płaskimi dachami. Za nim po lewej i po prawej fragmenty innych miniatur i drzewa. Niebo pogodne z chmurami.

ul. Wadowicka 169, 34-120 Inwałd Tourist region: Beskid Mały i Makowski

tel. +48 696080944
The Miniature Park is an unusual place located in the Małopolska Province in the middle of the road between Andrychów and Wadowice.

The park occupies an area of 75,000 sq.m. and gives you an opportunity to travel around the world in one day. It contains more than 65 mock-ups of the most famous architectural monuments made in a scale of 1:25. Visitors can admire such architectural gems as the Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, St. Paul’s Square, the Brandenburg Gate, the Leaning Tower, the Statue of Liberty or the Chinese Wall. A few food outlets are open on the park premises, and there is a restaurant in the nearby hotel. The park includes also a big funfair addressed both to young visitors and adults.Additional attractions that await all visitors, include a land of moving dragons, a medieval fortress, a green labyrinth and the gardens of the miniature park.On a rocky hill in Inwałd, you can also find a medieval stronghold, surrounded by a wooden wall – cross the gate and go back to the Middle Ages. A cobbled road leads to the courtyard of a medieval fortress, which holds various unusual places – a medieval settlement, an armoury, a torture chamber and a Park of the Moving Dragons. While wandering along the paths surrounding the stronghold, you can learn the names of dragons, find their eggs, find out what these prehistoric creatures eat for breakfast, what makes them stand out from each other and whether their bodies are covered with scales or feathers. Inside, you can find even more attractions – an archery range, as well as a potter’s, weaver’s and blacksmith’s workshops.There is also a large funfair in the park with attractions for visitors of all ages.There is no shortage of places where you can eat something, and the nearby hotel offers a restaurant.

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