Museums of geology

Gabloty z kamieniami.
Some people react to the mere word „science” like allergic persons to springpollen , and if another word – „geo” is added, the effects seem to be lamentable . However, geology is not any black magic.Unfortunately, usually the first meeting with it is the last one.. .

Without geological attractions, Małopolska is like the best dish without spices giving it its ultimate taste. Thanks to them, it is known that another consumption will be a pleasure. However, if we want to find them, we need to be properly prepared. At the beginning, it is easy to get lost in the vastness of processes (ingredients), we are not sure which is responsible for what. However, museums of geology will help us. They open the gates to the world we have not known before, the reality although the same – will change beyond recognition. Silent rocks we pass on our way will start talking, the rush of flowing water will become intelligible and exhibits seen in showcases will point the way to places they come from.

Two Kraków universities – AGH University and Jagiellonian University, Chrzanów and Olkusz may boast of a fantastic collection of geological collections. Who knows if the moment dedicated to getting familiar with them will not be the beginning of a new (maybe old?) hobby? A germ of passion – a stepping-stone from the grim reality?


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