Geoturist trail

Wapienne białe skały w dolinie.
Innovativesolutions are initially treated with a certain measure of mistrustand it is usually a long time before it can be said that some of themare really special. And then suddenly, out of the blue, one startswondering why they are being introduced so late...

Geotourismis definitely one of them – it’s a type of knowledge-basedtourism based on contact with geology and dynamic processes which areconstantly taking place not only on the Earth surface. To some it maysound familiar, some will definitely think: geology? How could it beinteresting? The truth is though that we come in contact with itsurprisingly often, particularly when we are on holiday in Małopolska(Lesser Poland). Rocks, valleys, caves, small springs, mines whichcan be found here were formed as a result of geological processes.Amongst them there might be places one has known since they were achild, but not geologically...Andin Małopolska (Lesser Poland) there is an abundance of geotouristicattractions. The above mentioned forms can be found in unimaginableforms – rock monadnocks, small valleys and caves – in thenorth-west and in the Tatra mountains, small streams – in the southand in the centre - mines – it’s embarrassing not to know this.However, these are only some of the objects and there are many morewhich need discovering...


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