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Platforma widokowa Wola Krogulecka

Wola Krogulecka Sightseeing Platform

Kładka w kształcie łuku położona na stoku góry, oświetlona
Wola Krogulecka
The Sightseeing Platform in Wola Krogulecka stands on the Dzielnica hill in Wola Krogulecka in Beskid Sądecki, on the Poprad River. Due to its unusual spiral shape, it is commonly referred to as the Snail.

The platform can be reached via a paved road. This road enables many tourists to come here and admire the unique sunrises and sunsets. 

The platform offers a view of the Radziejowa Range, the Sądecka Basin, the Gorce and the Island Beskid. Visitors can also take advantage of a covered fire pit and a toilet.

From Nowy Sącz you can get to the viewing platform in Wola Krogulecka by road 87 leading to Piwniczna-Zdrój. After getting to the centre of Barcice, turn left and follow the signs for directions. The road takes you uphill, along the blue trail.
At the platform you will find two car parks – a small one right by the platform itself and another one further away. Both are available to visitors free of charge. 

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