Trail of the Eagles’ Nests

Zamek w Pieskowej Skale otoczony lasem. W oddali pola.
Eagles’ nests or castles on the white rocks. The former border of historic Małopolska with Śląsk was different thanit is now. Historical Śląsk was a serious threat for Małopolska backthen. Hence the decision of King Casimir the Great on building a systemof castles which would guard Małopolska and in particular trade routesto Silesia against the dangerous neighbour.
High hills, inaccessiblerocks were perfect to build castles and watchtowers. Currently, of more than a dozen of powerful fortresses, only a few were left in a form of ruins. The trail runs between Częstochowa and Krakow. From Krakow, the trail leads through the castles in Korzkiew and Złota Góra in Ojców and then through Pieskowa Skała and ends its Małopolska section in Rabsztyn near Olkusz. Next, the trail runs through historical Małopolska, which is currently within the limits of the Śląskie region. Its route goes through the ruins of the castles in Bydlin, Smoleń, Pilica, Ogrodzieniec, Birów Mountain, Morsko, Bobolice, Mirów, Ostrężnik and Olsztyn, ending its run on Jasna Góra in Częstochowa. Special attention should be paid to two beautiful castles in Olsztyn and Ogrodzieniec. The red route popular with tourists is 163,9 km long and is one of the most interesting tourist products in the Jura.