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Bacówka Andrzeja Zubka Dursztyn

Andrzej Zubek's Shepherd's Hut in Dursztyn

Drewniana Bacówka Andrzeja Zubka w Dursztynie, otoczona płotem. Na terenie bacówki stoi koń. W oddali las i nad nim niebieskie niebo.

Dursztyn Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

Andrzej Zubek is a senior shepherd with many years of experience. He lives in Ratułów, located in the municipality of Czarny Dunajec. He has been engaged in shepherding for years. He claims that herding sheep is the greatest passion of his life. He makes excellent oscypki because they are entirely produced in accordance with EU regulations.

But as highlanders emphasise, the certificate and quality guarantee are subject to EU standard, and the rest can be attributed to the mountains and the centuries-old recipe for making the famous oscypek. Andrzej Zubek built his shepherd's hut in Dursztyn, one of the most beautiful villages in Spisz. The name of the village originates from German language and means 'Hard Rock'. A senior shepherd must therefore be a tough man, because looking after the sheep requires constant vigilance. The sheep can cause a lot of trouble, so you have to keep an eye on them all the time, sometimes even getting up several times during the night to check on the animals. In the south of Małopolska it also happens all the time that wolves come up to the shepherds and snatch a few sheep. This is why shepherds, shepherd dogs and shepherds' helpers have to keep watch 24 hours a day. Spisz is another region besides Podhale, Pieniny or Orawa where pastoralism is still alive and thousands of sheep graze on meadows and clearings every summer. And where there are sheep, there are also famous sheep milk cheeses with oscypek first and foremost.

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