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Kościół świętej Elżbiety Węgierskiej Trybsz

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church in Trybsz

Drewniany kościół z nawa i prezbiterium, kryty  wysokim dachem, obity gontem. Z przodu cmentarz.
św. Elżbiety 149, 34-442 Łapsze Niżne Tourist region: Pieniny i Spisz
tel. +48 182656149
The wooden church of log construction, covered with the gable roof was built ca. 1567.
It has one nave and the polygonally closed presbytery. Extremely valuable is polychrome from the 17th century, decorating the walls, ceiling and choir. It shows the scenes from the life of Christ, the Virgin Mary, the Saints and Final Judgement displayed on the background of the Tatra landscape. The majority of the former furnishings of the temple were transferred to the new church. The temple is located on the Cistercian Route.

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