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Bacówka Janiny i Andrzeja Rzepków Wierch Poroniec

Janina and Andrzej Rzepek's Shepherd's Hut in Wierch Poroniec

zdjęcie przedstawia łąki i lasy na hali głodówka.
From Mąkowa Glade it is not far to the Brzegi Mountain Pasture. Not far from Bukowina Tatrzańska, right next to the famous mountain hostel on Głodówka, is a unique shepherd's hut. It is worth coming here not only because of the views from the glades located on the western slope of Góra Cyrhla.

Until now, shepherding was a profession associated exclusively with men. Janina Rzepka became the first woman to qualify as a senior shepherd and has been in charge of her shepherd's hut on the road from Wierch Poroniec to Bukowina Tatrzańska for more than 20 years. In season, she rolls up her sleeves and makes oscypek. She learned how to do this from her husband Andrzej Rzepka, who was a senior shepherd before they even met. The Rzepka family, as befits a good shepherd, have up to 500 sheep in their flock, a hundred of which belong to them. They graze sheep on the border with the Spisz, so they are referred to as multi-cultural shepherds. The owner of the shepherd's hut, Mrs Janina Rzepka, is the first female senior shepherd in Poland. The products that you can buy here include all kinds of cheeses, żentyca and also... hand-made sheep's wool socks. In spite of the enormous amount of work, the shepherdess still has time to tend the flowers growing around the shepherd's hut. It is easy to get to this idyllic spot – the shepherd's hut, immersed in flowers and surrounded by sheep and charming grey horses, is located not far from the road between Bukowina Tatrzanska and Brzegi. For those who want to stay longer, there is accommodation in Mrs Janina's 'U Janocka' guest house. Cheese made in the shepherd's hut: redykołka, golka, żentyca, oscypek, bryndza, and bundz. Meat: Podhale lamb and mutton The following dogs are kept in the shepherd's hut: Rebcia, Bundaś, Puszek, Harnaś, and Mucha. Source: informatoriumkarpackie.pl. (Link to the Carpathian Informatorium).

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