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Dolina Chochołowska

The Chochołowska Valley

Dolina Chochołowska na wiosnę, kiedy kwitną na fioletowo krokusy

Witów Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

The Chochołowska Valley is considered the longest of all valleys on the Polish side of the Western Tatras and is approximately 10 km long.

A gentle and undemanding trail marked in green starts at the Siwa Glade and ends in the Chochołowska Glade at an altitude of 1,105 m. A bit further, one can rest in the PTTK Mountain Hostel. The map estimates the time necessary to walk down the Valley from the car park in the Siwa Glade to the Mountain Hostel at about 2.5 hours up and 2 hours down (depending on the individual’s walking pace). The route is straightforward, ideal for family walks, especially with children and prams. Part of the distance can also be covered by bicycle, rented at particular points just behind the beginning of the Valley. The beautiful natural path does not broaden at any point, and in the Chochołowska Glade, one can enjoy a panorama of the soaring towers of the Mnichy Chochołowskie and Kominiarski Wierch Peaks.

The Chochołowska Valley is the starting point of the main trails of the Western Tatras. More advanced tourists can extend their trip from the Chochołowska Glade to peaks such as Grześ, Rakoń, Wołowiec or even the Slovakian Rohace. A light walk along the Pope Trail from the Chochołowska Glade along Jarząbczy Creek can also be planned. While walking in the Chochołowska Valley, it is worth considering the variants of an earlier departure from the trail, even before the Chochołowska Glade on Trzydniowiański Wierch, through the Starorobociańska Valley towards the Siwa Pass and Starorobociański Wierch, or towards the Iwacka Pass.

Access to the start of the Chochołowska Valley is easy; there are several large car parks at the end of the Valley. One can also get here by public transport.

Admission to the Valley is paid.

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