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Muzeum Regionalne im. prof. A. Krajewskiego Lanckorona

Prof. A. Krajewski Museum Chamber, Lanckorona

Przedmioty codziennego użytku z początków XX wieku

Rynek 133, 34-143 Lanckorona Tourist region: Beskid Mały i Makowski

tel. +48 338763567
Have you ever wondered what Lanckorona looked like before the Great Fire? You will find useful objects from the early 20th century and beautiful handicrafts in the Museum Chamber. You will discover excavations from the castle ruins and a model of the Lanckorona market square before it was consumed by fire.

The wooden historic building, covered with shingles, which houses the Museum, survived the tragic 1868 fire. It is whitewashed every year and is worth seeing, as it is a model example of Lanckorona architecture. Inside, you will find stories about past life, but also about the old Lanckorona, a model of the market square, furniture, paintings, everyday objects and household utensils used by the local inhabitants as well as souvenirs and an an exhibition devoted to the Bar Confederation (you will find here copies of documents, maps, biographies concerning the Confederation, especially those related to the Lanckorona area).

The Museum was established in 1967 on the initiative of the Society of Lanckorona Friends and thanks to the commitment of Kraków Professor Antoni Krajewski. In this City of Angels, it is an essential point of reference for the traditions of this picturesque town and its artistic character.

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