rozległa panorama, delikatny zachód słońca, drzewa na pierwszym planie
We usually drive past them on the "zakopianka" between Krakow and Myslenice, on the A4 motorway or, a little slower, on the "sądeczanka" between Brzesko and Nowy Sącz.

We usually pass them, when driving along the “zakopianka” road on the Kraków-Myślenice section, the A4 motorway or – a little slower – the “sądeczanka” road on the Brzesko – Nowy Sącz section. The Wieliczka, Wiśnicz, Rożnów and Ciężkowice Foothills are quite wrongly overlooked, and yet they hide many secrets. They are very diverse from the topographical and cultural point of view, they offer many tourist, historical and ethnographic attractions. They offer interesting attractions for all visitors, regardless of preferences. We invite you to a journey through this vast area of the Małpolska region that will delight everyone!

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