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Ruiny królewskiego zamku Czchów

Castle ruins and the defensive tower, Czchów

widok z lotu ptaka na ruiny zamku w Czchowie

Czchów, 32-860 Czchów Tourist region: Pogórza

tel. +48 146843188
tel. +48 605832815
A magnificent oval tower rises from the top of the Baszta hill above the charming town and the picturesque Dunajec valley.
A wide view of the valley, the river, the dam and the Czchowskie lake stretches from its top. This cylindrical tower with several-metre thick walls was built at the end of the 13th century to control an important trade route along the Dunajec river. In the following century, the tower was surrounded by a small castle, the seat of the Czchów starosta office. The building was deserted already in the 18th century and quickly fell into ruin. Only the oldest part of it, i.e. the aforementioned tower, survives until today. The last few years brought the reconstruction of a fragment of the walls and a small house of a guard, which presently houses a small archaeological exhibition, including a scale model of the complete castle.

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