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Kopiec Wandy Kraków

Wanda’s Mound, Krakow

Pogodny dzień, błękitne niebo. Na środku stoi pomnik z białym orłem w koronie. Na cokole wisi tablica z mieczem i z napisem WANDA . Na około jest ziemia i niskie zielone ogrodzenie za którym rosną drzewa. Pomnik zaprojektował Jan Matejko.

ul. Ujastek Mogilski, 31-752 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

Wanda’s Mound was probably built around the 7th or 8th century. Legend has it that it was a grave of Wanda, daughter of Prince Krakus, legendary founder of the city.
She is said to have refused to marry a German prince and decided to commit suicide by jumping into the Vistula River to save her subjects from his wrath. The mound was built in the place where her body was supposedly fished out of the river. The first geological survey of the mound was conducted in 2016, which led to detecting anomalies within the area; however, it is still impossible to determine whether it is a burial ground or not. Wanda’s Mound is the smallest mound in Krakow, standing at 14 metres tall. It is located near the main gate of the Tadeusz Sendzimir Steelworks. At the end of the 19th century, a marble sculpture of an eagle, designed by Jan Matejko, was placed on the top of the mound.

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