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Sanktuarium Krzyża Świętego Opactwo Cystersów Kraków Mogiła

Sanctuary of the Holy Cross in Kraków-Mogiła

Kościół o jasnych ścianach. Przy nim inne zabudowania klasztorne. Przed nim duży plac i ogród klasztorny. W okolicy las, w dali zabudowania Krakowa i most. Krajobraz jesienny..
ul. Klasztorna 11, 31-979 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice
tel. +48 126442331
tel. +48 126446992
Detached from the vast housing estates of Nowa Huta and surrounded by greenery stands an 800-year-old monastery of the Cistercians.
The monks arrived in Kraków in 1222, summoned by Iwo Odrowąż, bishop of Kraków. Soon afterwards, they built an abbey with the early-Gothic church of St. Wenceslaus. In a chapel by the chancel, the Cistercians store a Gothic crucifix, worshipped since the 14th century. The long tradition of its cult is evidenced by the great number of votive offerings on the chapel walls and the ruts in the floor rubbed out by hundreds of pilgrims approaching the holy relic on their knees. Believers visit the place also because of the relics of the Holy Cross, which are stored in the church as well. The major festival celebrated in the sanctuary is the Feast of the Cross on 14 Septemeber.