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Sanktuarium Pana Jezusa Miłosiernego Ciężkowice

The Shrine of Christ’s Mercy, Ciężkowice

Bogato zdobiona elewacja sanktuarium z cegły, na górze szczyt schodkowy rozczłonkowany blendami i pinaklami, na dole uskokowy portal wejściowy.
ul. św. Andrzeja 8, 33-190 Ciężkowice Tourist region: Pogórza
tel. +48 146510030
The town is known for the fantastic sandstone rocks in the nearby Petrified City Nature Preserve. Yet it is also worth visiting for its Shrine of Christ’s Mercy situated in a beautiful, neo-Gothic Parish Church of St Andrew the Apostle.
The church, which dominates other buildings in Ciężkowice, was built to the design of Jan Sas-Zubrzycki in 1901–1902. The image of the Merciful Christ “Ecce Homo” in the main altar is painted on wood and is famous for its miracles. Feasts in the shrine are held on the day of Pentecost celebrated 50 days after Easter, the 30th of November (Feast of St Andrew the Apostle), and most importantly on the Sunday of Divine Mercy, the first Sunday after Easter.

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