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Kościół świętego Mikołaja Wysocice

St. Nicholas Church in Wysocice

Kamienny prosty kościół z wieżą. Kościół kryty czerwoną dachówką, wieża - blachą. Wokół drzewa.
Wysocice 58, 32-075 Wysocice
tel. +48 123899442
The St. Nicholas Church in Wysocice was built as a Romanesque building at the beginning of the 13th century.
Over the next centuries, it has hardly changed its appearance and nature. This is an aisleless temple with the chancel, apse and quadrate tower. The church has been built of limestone ashlars, while architectural details have been made of sandstone. Particular attention should be paid to the matroneum and double, mullioned windows in the upper part of the tower. The oldest element of the church is the late-Gothic pulpit.